Factions Of Summoners War Game


Few Factions Of Summoners War Game


A Bender prefers to control their opponent’s actions and its units. It is not interested in fighting on their enemy’s terms.

  • Breaker: It is a Common Card of the Benders. When you attack an enemy with their Breaker, you may reveal the top card of an enemy’s Draw Pile.
  • Kalal: It is a Champion of the Benders. After moving Kalal, you may select a player once per turn. Search the top 4 cards of the chosen player’s Draw Pile. Place 2 of the cards on the bottom and 2 on the top of that player’s Draw Pile.

Cave Globins:

The Cave Globins usually go to their opponents in hordes. They prefer to summon Units into battlefield liberally by overwhelming their enemies with explosions of power and speed.

  • Beast Rider: It is a common of the Cave Goblins. During the Movement Phase, instead of using this card normally, you may move it up to 7 clear straight line spaces.
  • Scaag: It is a champion of the Cave Goblins. At the start of your turn, you may select one Unit that is close to Scaag. So, add one Wound Marker to the selected Unit.


The Cloaks players look out for the limitations in their opponent’s defenses and utilize them as much as possible. Their main aim is to cheat opponents of their best cards.

  • Vlox: It is the Summoner of Cloaks. During the Event Phase, you may select a Cloak Unit on the battlefield. At this turn, Vlox is considered as if he has the name and ability of the selected Unit.
  • Scam: It is the Champion of Cloaks. After attacking with Scam, you may spend one Magic Point to move him up to 2 spaces instantly.


The Filth player can mutate their flesh depending on the task that they have in hand. The player values flexibility and is forever evaluating what mutations they have at their disposal and how they can make the most of them.

  • Absorption Mutant: It is a mutation of the Filth. Whenever this mutant destroys a Unit, you can take one Filth card from the opponent’s Discard Pile and put it in your Discard Pile.
  • Edible Mutant: It is a mutation of the Filth. When a Common filth Unit that you control completes a move adjacent to the Edible Mutant then you may remove one Wound Marker from the moved Unit and put it on this Edible Mutant.

Swamp Orcs:

A Swamp Orc player will try to grow their unit’s efficiency in the enemy territory. It will block their enemies out of the game by not giving them any ground to regroup.

  • Savager: It is a common Swamp Orc. Whenever a Common enemy Unit moves adjacent to the Savager, roll a dice. If you get a result of 5 or higher then discard the moved card.
  • Mugglug: It is a Summoner Swamp Orc. As soon as a Unit that is adjacent to a Wall that you control is destroyed, you should place a Vine wall on the space that Unit occupied. Mugglug does not have to roll to move off of a Vine wall.


You can use Mercenaries alongside any faction. Moreover, you can even use them to surprise the opponents by reinventing a faction’s theme completely.

  • Bodgan: Bodgan is the Champion of Mercenaries. After attacking with Bodgan, you can move each opponent Unit that is adjacent to Bodgan up to one space.
  • Khan Queso: It is the Champion of Mercenaries. After moving Khan Queso, you have to roll a dice once for each Unit that is adjacent to him. If the result on the dice is 5 or higher, then that Unit will receive one Wound Marker.


The Vanguards always protect themselves and try not to make a Unit fall in battle.

  • Stalwart Archer: It is a Common Vanguards. When he attacks, add 1 to its Attack Value for each friendly Stalwart Archer that is adjacent to him.
  • Sera Eldwyn: It is a Summoner of the Vanguards. Instead of attacking with Sera Eldwyn, it is better to spend 1 Magic Point. The Magic Point can be spent to remove up to 2 Wound Markers from a Unit that is adjacent to Sera Eldwyn, if you are out of magic points you can use Summoners War Cheats to regenerate.

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